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La Crosse street crews trying to keep up with potholes

Late Thaw Causes More Potholes

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - If your commute to and from work in La Crosse seems bumpier than usual, feel free to blame the weather.

Because of the late thaw, more and more potholes are showing up on city streets.

La Crosse street crews will be working everyday for the next couple of weeks to patch the holes, but say it's hard to keep pace with how many of them are popping up.  "Generally during the winter we have small thaws in between where the potholes will pop out and we'll have time to patch them. Right now, we really haven't had a thaw this winter,so now we're getting hit all at once," said Asst. Street Superintendent Andy Bakalars.

The La Crosse Street Department says to keep an eye out for potholes while you drive to avoid damaging your car.

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