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La Crosse Municipal Boat Harbor still plagued with problems

Deadline from city to fix issues has passed

Municipal Boat Harbor Deadline

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Once the weather warms up, boats are sure to be hitting the water. However, there's one area boat harbor that might not be open come summer.

The city of  La Crosse is threatening to evict the owner of the Municipal Boat Harbor after a history of defaulting on city payments.

The city gave Steve Mills a deadline of Wednesday to prove he's paid outstanding utility bills and secure insurance on his harbor.

Although he's paid back money he owed, many of the boats in the harbor still need proper registration or need to be removed from the harbor.

"We've done what we can. We're sort of limited, there's some logistic problems, and legal problems. They are other people's boats. We just can't come in and take them away you know if they don't give us permission," said Mills.

It is now up to the city on what steps need to be taken.

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