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La Crosse middle schoolers give creepy-crawly lesson

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Local seventh graders had a chance to be teachers Tuesday.

The students from Longfellow Middle School in La Crosse spent the first quarter of the year learning about certain types of bugs. They taught some of what they learned to preschoolers at the neighboring Montessori school.

They prepared a seven minute lesson about things like crabs, scorpions, and even tarantulas.


The event is a learning experience for all age groups. "For the 7th graders, they get to develop their leadership skills and then the little kids are excited to look up to someone older than them," said teacher Liz Ramsey. 

"They've never really seen these creatures and they've never researched them or anything so they don't know much about them and I think it's really cool how they're learning about them," said 7th grader Sabrina Servais.

This is the fourth year Longfellow students have taught the preschoolers.

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