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La Crosse Mayor wants neighborhood feedback

Mayor Kabat sending out survey to local businesses

La Crosse Mayor wants neighborhood feedback

La Crosse's Mayor is looking to some of the bigger businesses in town to try and address housing needs.

Mayor Tim Kabat's office is sending out a survey to large employers and institutions in the city, asking their employees what they look for when choosing a place to live.  It's part of a continuing effort to try and revitalize neighborhoods in the city.

The mayor is most interested in people who work in the city but work outside of it.  "We want to be able to design our housing programs and our neighborhood efforts to fit with what the demand is saying and just what's going on with people that work in La Crosse but for whatever reason choose not to live in La Crosse," said Mayor Kabat.

Participants have until April 30th to complete the survey.  Complete results will be shared with city officials and the general public.

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