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La Crosse man used knife to scratch cars, police say

Kole Anderson charged with 3 counts of criminal damage to property

LA CROSSE, WI - A La Crosse man has been charged with three counts of criminal damage and obstructing an officer after he used a knife to damage three cars on opening night of Oktoberfest.

La Crosse police say Kole Anderson, 19, damaged three cars at 1003 Pine Street Friday at about 9:30 p.m.

Witnesses told police she saw Anderson damage the hood of her friend's red car. There was a jagged line mark about 25 inches in length on the hood of the car, the police report said.

Another victim told police her car had a scratch down the entire length of the driver's side of the car, as well as a scratch across the middle of the trunk. A third car had a scratch down the entire side of the car, the report states.

Anderson, who initially gave police a fake name, denied doing the damage. But he had a knife in his pocket, which appeared to have red paint chips on one of the blades and the knife was smashed "like it had been ground into something hard like the metal on a car," the police report states.

A La Crosse County judge set a $1,000 signature bond for Anderson Monday afternoon.


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