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La Crosse Logan H.S. students get hands-on construction experience

LA CROSSE, WI (WKBT) - A group of Logan High School students is getting hands on experience that could help them build a career.

Students in the Building Construction program are building a two-car garage for a private home owner.

The project started by tearing down an old garage that was in bad shape. After a contractor poured the concrete, the students went to work two hours a day building the garage from the ground up.

The school says the program is important so students can see from start to finish how something is built. "They're gaining a lot of knowledge on measurement skills and how important that is when it comes to actually building and erecting a structure," said instructor Greg Meinertz.

That knowledge is valuable for students like Logan senior Ben Witcraft. He hopes to one day go into construction as a career.

He says the class gives him hands-on experience that you don't see very often. "I love it because I signed up for this class and not many classes before this year have been able to work on garages and stuff, it's all been smaller stuff and in the text books and stuff so this is really nice," said Witcraft.


The homeowner is paying for all the materials.

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