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La Crosse Fire Dept.: CO Detector Law working

LA CROSSE, Wis. - It has been two years since having a carbon monoxide detector on each floor of your home became law in Wisconsin, and local emergency personnel say it seems to be serving its purpose.

The La Crosse Fire Department says the number of carbon monoxide calls has gone down in the last two years since the law took effect.

The law requires all two-unit homes to install a carbon monoxide detector on every floor of the house.

The Division Chief says one of the main benefits of the law is simply helping the public become more aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide.

"I would consider it a success because any time you can educate the public about the effects of carbon monoxide and what it can do to you. We call it the silent killer. Oftentimes people with the affects of carbon monoxide. they'll have flu like symptoms," says Tom Wallerich, the Division Chief of the La Crosse Fire Department.

He recommends having your appliances that are fueled by natural gas checked regularly.

Wallerich also says it's important to replace batteries in your carbon monoxide detector twice a year.

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