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La Crosse fifth graders go to science boot camp

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - It's probably not the setting you imagine when you hear 'boot camp.'

Fourth and Fifth grade students weren't doing push ups Thursday, they were doing hands on science projects.

It was the first time Viterbo has put on a week-long Science Boot Camp for SOTA 1 Students.

They learned about chemistry, biology, and physics through a variety of experiments.

One of the biology lessons focused on learning animal behavior with cockroaches."I say it's pretty cool to be touching cockroaches and racing them," said 5th grader Abby Kilpatrick.

"Kids this age are naturally inquisitive, we just want to spark their interest and build their confidence in science and mathematics," said Viterbo's Dean of Natural Science and Mathematics Kyle Backstrand.

About 50 kids were at the boot camp.


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