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La Crosse Education Foundation surprises teachers with grants

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Some teachers in La Crosse got a big surprise Wednesday.

The La Crosse Public Education Foundation handed out 23 grants across the district. Those add up to about $43,000.

The foundation awards the money every year as a way to encourage teacher innovation. "We fund projects that there aren't tax dollars to fund. So if there's a new idea, a new project, a cutting edge idea, we like to give some venture capital, if you will, for those types of projects to start something and improve the teaching and learning that happens in our schools," said La Crosse Public Education Foundation Exec. Dir. Tim Riley.

The grant money will be used for projects ranging from a cooking club to a high tech instrument cleaning device to an underwater robot.

The largest grant, for more than $7,000, is for the high performance learning program. Students work one day a week with a specialist, then the rest of the week they interact online through quizzes and assignments.

The money is going towards buying more devices as they are splitting about 50 devices between 400 students. "Really excited, because it means that the students can go more to a one-to-one and kind of share and not have to share the devices and alternate days that they are using devices," said High Performance Learning Specialist Amy Schneider.

This is the 6th year the foundation has awarded grants.


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