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La Crosse considers bicycle exchange program

LA CROSSE, Wis. - In an effort to go green and improve health, the city of La Crosse considering a bicycle exchange program.

The planning committee and other local organizations are teaming up to fund a $10,000 study to look in to the program.

Bike exchanges are becoming more common on larger cities like Minneapolis, Chicago and Madison.

The study would see if the program would work in a smaller city like La Crosse.

The exchange would allow people to borrow a bike whenever they needed to get around.


"You swipe your card, you ride your bike from point A to B, you park your bike, now you want to go from B to C you get a different bike, and so the system essentially moves the bikes around, a lot of them have GPS on them now and so they know where the bikes are needed," said the city's Planning and Development Director Larry Kirch.

The planning committee approved the study. It still needs to make it through committee to be voted on by the full council.

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