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La Crosse Co. recycles 750K lbs. of e-waste since 2009

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Since 2009, Wisconsin has e-cycled more than 100 million pounds of electronic waste. About 750,000 lbs. is from in La Crosse County.

Those numbers are part of a state-wide effort to properly recycle electronics instead of piling them into landfills.

In La Crosse, any electronic with a circuit board can be recycled and the most popular item is a TV.


Experts say disposing of them properly does more than protect the environment. "There are some very toxic metals in the electronics, but most importantly, there are a lot valuable metals, some of the metals are valuable, and a lot of them very scarce," said the county's Special Waste Manager Randy Nedrelo.

La Crosse County will collect any e-waste free of charge. The drop off location is at the Household Hazardous Materials site at the La Crosse Co. landfill.

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