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Kind skeptical of Farm Bill

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Congressional democrats are urging their colleagues to support the newest Farm Bill, but Representative Ron Kind is skeptical.

Committee lawmakers say the bill strengthens crop insurance, eases cuts to food stamps, and will save taxpayers about 23-billion dollars. It's a bipartisan compromise that was announced Monday.

Kind isn't sold that this is the right bill for farmers.

An example of something he wants to see changed is reforming cotton programs.

He says the bill continues 150 million dollars in subsidies to Brazilian Cotton Farmers. "I see this farm bill as a missed opportunity, and if it means delaying a little bit more until we get it right, we should do that, because otherwise we're going to see more consolidation in production agriculture and it's going to continue the squeeze on small and midsize family farmers," said Kind.

He expects a quick debate and vote Wednesday morning.

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