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Kids become triathletes at the Y

ONALASKA, Wis. -- More than two hundred area children can now brag about being tri-athletes.

They competed on Saturday at the YMCA's Kids Triathlon in Onalaska.

The race keeps the traditional order of swimming first, biking second and then finishing with a run.

But the distances vary by age group, since the competitors range in age from 14 all the way down to just three!

Organizers say the event helps encourage healthy habits.


"I think some parents are triathletes themselves and want to see if their kids like it as well. But I think wellness in the La Crosse area is very big and people want to have opportunities for their kids to be active in such a positive way. Kids are getting cheered on here by lots of spectators, so I think it gives them a good feeling when they're working out and being active," said the Y's Special Events Director Jamie Klonowski.

There were 235 kids in the event on Saturday, the most ever in its history.

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