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Keeping your kids protected from the sun

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Sun burn can be a pain for anyone in the summer, but also dangerous especially for our kids.

As a child's body develops, their skin is also developing. During that time, damage to their DNA and skin cells is much more harmful than it would be for adults.

Doctors say the first step for parents protecting their children from the sun is setting a good example for them. "We know kids watch what we do and that is more powerful than us telling them something. If they see the parents putting on sunscreen they think well that's good, I'll put on the sun screen. That is important in so many things. The behavior of the parent is often reflected in the kids," said Gundersen Health System Dermatologist Dr. Stephen Webster.

Whether you're headed to the beach or doing yard work, make sure to protect you and your child from the sun.  Here are some guidelines to follow:

-Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside
-Use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher
-Dress appropriately for the sun to prevent any burning.


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