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Kabat unveils idea for neighborhood revitalization in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. - La Crosse mayoral candidate Tim Kabat presented his plan Wednesday to bring local government closer to residents while revitalizing neighborhoods.

He wants to create neighborhood partnership centers in the city.

The idea would be to buy up a run-down house and fix it up. The house would then be used by the neighborhood as a meeting place, and as an office for city government like police and fire services. After a few years the home would be sold and the city would buy another run down home and repeat the process.


Kabat says the city would work with neighbors to target homes most in need of repair. "It's gotta come from the grassroots level, from those neighbors, identifying those more problem properties and then the city would work with them to go through the program to acquire and renovate," said Kabat.

He says the idea wouldn't add additional cost because the city could use existing grants and resources.

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