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Juneau County Sheriff: Reported abduction, sexual assualt did not happen

Teen to be charged with filing a false police report

JUNEAU COUNTY, WI - The reported September 24 abduction and sexual assault near the Village of Lyndon Station did not happen, the Juneau County Sheriff announced Wednesday morning.

Sheriff Brent Oleson says the 17-year-old female who reported the incident told investigators on October 22 that she made up the story so she would not get in trouble for being home late after meeting a boy.

The teen told investigators she was jogging on Koval Road just east of the Village of Lyndon Station when a man stopped and asked if she needed a ride. She told him she didn't but he got out of his SUV-type vehicle, grabbed her and forced her into the back seat of his car. The teen also told investigators the man returned her to where he picked her up.

She gave a description to a sketch artist who compiled a drawing of the alleged attacker which the Sheriff's Office released to the public.


Sheriff Oleson says during follow-up interviews, the teen made inconsistent statements and later confessed she made the incident up. She will be charged with filing a false police report.

"While I am pleased and happy the incident did not occur, it is extremely frustrating that the false report was made," Sheriff Oleson said. "These investigations tax the resources of both small and large agencies alike and are very costly."

Sheriff Oleson said "the one good thing" that came out of this case was the fact that "the public in general was more willing to contact the Sheriff's Office or their local Police Department when they observed suspicious vehicles and/or people."

A Sauk County teenager was able to evade an abduction attempt in West Baraboo on October 16. Deputies were working with the Juneau County Sheriff's Office to see if they were connected.

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