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BANGOR, Wis. -- Math is a subject you either love or hate.

"I don't like math," said Amy Wilcox, Bangor High School senior.

Wilcox is in the dislike category. But Bangor High School math teacher Amber Mlynczak changed that for her.

"She made me like math," said Wilcox.

So, Ms. Mlynczak takes numbers and theroms and adds in a little fun.

"She planned activities to do and let us have fun," said Wilcox.


"I try to do the best job that I can to break things down so that everybody can understand," said Mlynczak.

Occasionally, Ms. Mlynczak will even teach a topic in a couple of different ways to try and reach students who have different learning styles. This approach sometimes equals one of the most rewarding parts of her job.

"I think the best part about it is when... and I don't mean to take away from any students... but when the struggling student really gets it," said Mlynczak. "It's really exciting becasue you just want to jump up in the air and say they got it. I'm so excited!"

And while there are a lot of rules in Math, she's hoping by helping some students look at the subject from a different angle she can create an appreciation for the subject.

"One of the things that I rally hope is that everybody learns to love math just a little bit," said Mlynczak. "They don't have to say, 'oh it's my favorite. I love math. I want to go every day.' But it's nice when kids find even that little bit of success so that they want to come back the next day."

And the impact of this success just multiplies the learning that takes place in the classroom.

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