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Irishfest breaking attendance records with people from across world

Irishfest breaking attendance records with people from across world

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Many are spending the beautiful Saturday at Irishfest in La Crosse.

Saturday is day two of the three-day event, with great weather and the long list of entertainment making the event one of the biggest in it's 10-year history.

It is a sea of green on the fest grounds this weekend. Everywhere you look there is something fun to experience. Whether it's the music, food or the culture, Irishfest is bringing in big crowds from across the world.

With your first step through the gate the Irish culture surrounds you.

Some, like performers Manran, have even traveled across the pond to celebrate Irishfest in La Crosse.

On their tour across America, Scottish band Manran stopped in La Crosse for two shows during Irishfest. The band says they play traditional Irish and Scottish music with a bit of modern rock and funk sound thrown in. This is their second time touring through the U.S. and say they're excited to be back in Wisconsin.

"We were in this state last year for a couple of weeks and so we knew you guys rocked as people," band member Gary Innes said.

Along with enjoying the sounds of Ireland, people at Irishfest also took part in a traditional test of strength known as the Highland Games. Crowds gathered to watch men and women compete in Celtic-themed games like the stone throw and weight toss.

"It's all by weights, there are different sized stones that are tossed. It's really kind of a Celtic game, it's not exclusive to Irish culture," Irishfest President Pat Stephens said.

Organizers say after only one day Irishfest is already breaking records.

"Well we can say absolutely last night, Friday night, was the best Friday night we've ever had in the 10 years of Irishfest," Stephens said.

With one day left of Irishfest, organizers are expecting the beautiful weather and Irish tradition to keep the record-breaking crowd filing in.

"To have three days of what they're predicting of perfect weather, we're just going to go bonkers and have a great three-day weekend," Stephens said.

Manran will be playing its final show of Irishfest beginning at 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

For a complete Irishfest schedule click here.

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