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Increase in tick-related illnesses in pets

LA CROSSE, WI - It's not just wildlife officials paying attention to the tick population this year, veterinarians are also noticing an increase in tick-related diseases.

They're especially worried about deer ticks.


Just like in humans, pets are susceptible to Lyme disease.

A local vet says that brings symptoms like laziness, fever, lack of appetite, and sore joints. But it's not always easy for the experts to diagnose. "People that take good care of their pets, they know their pets, they know their behaviors, their day to day activity, and so if the pet's off, particularly with any of the things I've talked about there, it's always a good idea to give your veterinarian a call," said Tom Thompson with Thompson Animal Medical Center.

An entomologist at UW-Madison says the tick population is 10 times higher than she's used to seeing.

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