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In-person absentee voting begins Monday in La Crosse

Voters expected to skip long lines on Election Day

In-person absentee voting begins Monday in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Election Day is still few weeks away, but voting in La Crosse has already begun.
Voters in Wisconsin have the opportunity to vote early in what's called in-person absentee voting.

Recent changes to the rules allow municipal offices to begin the process when they deem it necessary. In the case of La Crosse, that is three weeks before Election Day.

Voters said they are happy to skip the long lines on Nov. 8.

La Crosse resident Lynn Miller was more than eager to cast her vote. She said the current political climate is a big reason why she came early.

"It's over for me. No more arguing," Miller said. "I don't want to talk about it. This is my last discussion!"

Miller was one of many voters at a City Hall Monday, waiting to have their say on the election.

"We had probably 40 people in line at 8:30 this morning," La Crosse deputy city clerk Nikki Elsen said. "It's been a busy morning for us. And it's been steady."

In Wisconsin, in-person absentee voting allows anyone eligible to vote early.

"A lot of people don't want to stand in the long lines on Election Day, so a lot of them will vote absentee so they can avoid the long lines," Elsen said. "There are also a number of people who simply will not be here on Election Day."

Voting officials said the process is very similar to what voters will see on Election Day.

"It's five stations, and each station is staffed by our election officials, so (they are) the people that do work election day," Elsen said.

Besides giving residents an earlier chance to vote, officials said the process is good practice for officials ahead of Election Day.

"This three weeks are excellent training for each of those workers. Come election day, they'll have all this experience behind them from working these three weeks and be ready for that busy day," Elsen said.

Miller said she encourages anyone to vote, either early or on Nov 8. She said the process could not be easier.

"I think the people here do a wonderful job. They're all very kind and helpful. It's enjoyable," Miller said.

In-person absentee voting doesn't start for everyone Monday.

If you would like to know when you can vote absentee, call your local municipal clerk's office.

If you are already registered, all you need to bring is a photo ID.

If you have not registered, you will alo need your photo ID.

If the ID does not match your current address, you will need to bring proof of residency. That includes items like utility bills or lease agreements.

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