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Honey bee decline could have devastating impact on food supply

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A recently-released report is identifying the causes of a dramatic decrease in our nation's honey bee population.

The latest federal report shows parasites, viruses, and pesticides as the leading causes of the decline since 2006. They've taken about one-third of the honey bee population.

That's leading to a collapse of colonies throughout the U.S. including in the La Crosse area.

And if they keep disappearing, that could impact the food we see at our table.


Experts say they are responsible for pollinating one-third of our crops. "If the bees continue to disappear, then the cost of our food and the availability of 1/3 of our food, the food will decrease and the cost will increase," said the president of the La Crosse Area Beekeepers Wayne Lemar.

A federal committee is putting together an action plan to address the issues within the next 10 years.

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