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Holmen High School students 'race' to find jobs

HOLMEN, WI - Local high school students were visiting as many businesses as they could Friday, hoping to land a job. It was part of the "Amazing Race to Employment" being put on by Holmen High School.

Students with disabilities broke up into three teams and practiced skills like hand shakes, reading, and communication. Then, they headed out into the community and competed to see which team could visit the most businesses.

It helps the business owners get more comfortable with hiring students with disabilities and gives the students skills they'll use the rest of their lives.

"There are statistics that prove that if students with disabilities have employment at least two times during their high school career, then they are five times more successful after they graduate," said Jen Slusser from the Holmen School District.

The students collected business cards and applications, and many businesses expressed interest in following up with some of the students.


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