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Highway 16 construction begins

ONALASKA, Wis. - If you travel on Highway 16 for your morning commute, you may want to leave yourself a little extra travel time..

The stretch between Highway 157 and South Kinney Coulee Road will be closed starting Sunday night through Friday afternoon for the next two weeks.

Traffic will be detoured to Highway 157 and Interstate 90.

Access to the mall will remain open and the road will be open on the weekends.


Crews will work 24 hours a day to replace the road.

The project manager, Reiny Yahnke said traffic delays shouldn't be too long if people plan a different route ahead of time.

"We advise people Monday morning if you're going to work, if you're traveling westbound on Highway 16 to take the detour. Or if you work downtown an appropriate route would be to take exit 3 and go down Highway 35," said Yahnke.

Yahnke said the construction should wrap up in 3 weeks.

For a map of the construction and dates and times of the road closure visit http://www.sth16.blogspot.com/

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