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Heroin task force looks for collaboration opportunities

Heroin task force looks for collaboration opportunities

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Reducing access to drugs, substance abuse prevention and early intervention to treatment are just some of the things talked about by the Heroin Task Force Thursday.

The group got together for its first meeting since dividing up to tackle six issues.

Each subgroup has a plan of how to educate, prevent and hopefully stop the use of heroin.

A few of the issues these subgroups will be targeting are things like further education to health care providers, continuing to establish drug drop-off sites and a way to monitor how often patients are receiving a prescription.

Members of the task force said bringing the entire group back together gives opportunities for collaboration on similar topics and goals among subcommittees and the opportunity to reach out to other organizations in the county.

"The importance of working together as a community on this and I think the more we do that and keep it at the forefront the more we're going to make a long term environmental impact," Keith Lease, co-chair of the Heroin Task Force, said.

State Representative Jill Billings was also at today's meeting. The task force gave recommendations on possible legislation that would make the job of preventing heroin use easier.

"There are things that we can do possibly with some of the mandatory reporting, reporting of people who have prescriptions, who is picking up the prescriptions, what is happening to make sure that people aren't doctor shopping and getting drugs from other areas to abuse," Billings said.

Co-Chair Keith Lease said he was very impressed with everything that has been accomplished by each sub group.

The Heroin Task Force will come back together as a whole again in early September.

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