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Heimsness to resign Nov. 23 as part of settlement

MPD chief agreed to withdraw charges

MADISON, Wis. - Officer Steven Heimsness has agreed to resign from the Madison Police Department Nov. 23, according to a release.

Police Chief Noble Wray has agreed to withdraw the charges against Heimsness filed with the City of Madison Police and Fire Commission on June 21, according to the release. It is also agreed that no additional charges will be filed against Heimsness unless he is still employed by MPD after Nov. 23.

Heimsness was put on administrative leave after the November 9 shooting death of Paul Heenan on Madison's east side. Reports had said Heenan, 30, was not armed when he mistakenly entered the wrong house two doors down from his own.

Starting Monday, Heimsness' duty status has been changed to sick leave and he will continue in sick leave paid status until the approval of his Duty Disability Retirement application or the end of business Nov. 23, whichever comes first, according to the release.

According to the release, Heimsness will have no statutory powers or duties of a police officer and is prohibited from representing himself as a City of Madison Police Officer, from performing or assuming the duties of a police officer, or from being on Police Department premises.

Heimsness agreed to withdraw any grievances and claims he has or may have against the City, according to the release.

The agreement does not prevent MPD from bringing separate disciplinary charges against Heimsness for actions from the date of the agreement until his retirement, the release stated.

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