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Health officials recommend college students get meningitis vaccine

LA CROSSE, WI - Back to school vaccines aren't just for kids in K-12, health officials say college students should think about them too.

Health professionals especially recommend a meningitis vaccine or booster if it's been a few years.

Statistics show people living in close quarters like dorms are twice as likely to catch meningitis. The potentially deadly disease causes head and neck aches, confusion, and rashes.

A local doctor says the shot is the only thing shown to lessen the chances of getting the disease. "If they got it when they were age 12, they probably need a booster before they come to college, if they've never gotten it, they probably just need that one shot before they come to college," said UW-L Student Health Center Director Dr. Brian Allen.


No vaccines are required to go to any UW System schools, they're just strongly recommended.

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