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Hail storm pounds parts of the area

ONALASKA, Wis. - Hail pounded parts of north La Crosse, French Island, La Crescent and Onalaska Thursday afternoon.

There were several reports of golf ball and ping-pong ball size hail.

SLIDESHOW: Pictures From 7-25-13 Storm

Several pictures that viewers sent in show "spiky" and odd-looking hail stones.  StormTeam 8 Meteorologist Bill Graul says, "hail can sometimes look more spiky and not uniform/round because it can be made up of lots of smaller hail pieces. This is especially the case with larger hail that runs into smaller pieces on the way down, which can then stick to the larger piece making for jagged edges."


"It can also do with the height the hail travels to grow in the updrafts of the storm resulting in various types & layers of ice growth on the hailstone. Lastly, wind inside the t-storm can "spin" the hailstones causing the jagged or "spiky" appearance," said Graul.

No significant damage was reported from the hail storm.

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