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Gundersen officially dropping 'Lutheran' from name

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Gundersen Lutheran Health System becomes Gundersen Health System May 1.

The name change was officially announced early Tuesday morning in a press release.

"Identities evolve as organizations evolve. We are proud to say we've grown, and our Gundersen family now includes a number of affiliates and subsidiaries that were not part of our system just a few years ago. To make it easier for people to identify Gundersen services in their communities, it was important for all of them to have a common name. That name is Gundersen," explains Pamela Maas, chief officer of Business Development & Marketing, Gundersen Health System.

Gundersen says in some areas where the system has expanded to, the 'Lutheran' name led to some confusion for people who didn't realize the organization was a health care system.

The health system is taking a phased-in approach with the new name, and Maas says people will continue seeing the Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center name associated with inpatient and outpatient hospital services provided on campuses in Onalaska and La Crosse.


Signs throughout the health system will begin changing over to the new Gundersen name in May and will be installed over the rest of the year.  You may also be seeing the new name on Gundersen's website, education materials, and advertising this month.

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