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Gundersen Lutheran donates old computers

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A donation from Gundersen Lutheran is helping WAFER food pantry get assistance to people in need.

Gundersen is donating 10 laptops to La Crosse County. The medical center is updating its computers, and instead of throwing out the old ones they are donating them.


The computers will be set up at WAFER, the county building and Gundersen as a resource for people to apply for food assistance online. "While they are there for other resources, if we know that they are in need of other public benefits, the volunteers or the organization can say we have these other things available for you, they can sit right there, on the computer and apply for those benefits," said Tricia Wavra from the county.

Over the years, Gundersen has donated more than 700 computers to schools, churches, and other organizations in the area.

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