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Guilty verdict in death of a La Crosse mother

Izelia Gollatt found guilty of killing Kristen Rodgers

LA CROSSE, Wis. - It took a jury less than three hours of deliberation to find Izelia Golatt guilty of first degree intentional homicide in the death of Kristen Rodgers.

Her body was found face-down in a north side parking lot in March, with strangulation being the apparent cause of death.

The verdict was an emotional one for Rodgers' family.

As the jurors confirmed their unanimous guilty verdict one by one, friends comforted Rodgers' mother, Kathy Tabbert.

Tabbert said the end of the trial does not bring her any feelings of closure.

"Closure? Of what? My daughter is not here. I'll never forget her," said Tabbert.

But the victim's husband said the guilty verdict will make it easier to move forward.

"I kind of feel sorry for his family, you know, that now they have to go through this. But in all aspects of the matter, I feel relieved. It's over. No more guessing. No more wondering," said Dwayne Rodgers.


Golatt's defense attorneys quickly left the courthouse after the verdict was read. They declined to say whether they plan to appeal.

His sentencing is set for November 16. He faces life in prison.

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