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Group walks to raise awareness of Mississippi River pollution

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A walk to raise awareness of pollution in the Mississippi came through the La Crosse area Monday.

A small group of Native American tribe members started their effort earlier this month at Lake Superior. To them, the water and the Mississippi River are sacred.

That's why they're carrying a pail of clear water from where the river begins before any pollutants touch it.

The goal is to show people the impact of pollution in the river, and how it leads to thousands of miles where fish cannot live.


"Because everything we put on our lawns, everything we put down our drains also goes down the river, so we all share some of that responsbility and we can all be part of that solution," said an Ojibwe tribe member, Sharon Day.

The walkers plan to make it down to The Gulf of Mexico by the end of April.

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