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Grant supports alcohol compliance checks

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A new grant is helping the La Crosse Police Department cut down on underage drinking.

The $5,000 grant will help officers do compliance checks at the 170 local bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.

An underage civilian will be sent into the store to try and buy alcohol. A letter has been sent to all the licensed establishments warning them of the checks.


A department spokesperson says they don't want to trick businesses, rather they want to help educate them about the dangers of serving to people under 21.

"It's basically an education process, we are here for the business owners and the licensed establishments to work with them, we're not out there to trick anybody or anything like that," says La Crosse Police Lieutenant Pat Hogan, "we want to make sure they are running a good business and we'll do whatever we need to help them do that."

The grant will expand the compliance checks, which are a part of routine patrols.

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