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Grant makes walk to and from school safer

LA CROSSE, WI - Walking to and from school is a little safer at Southern Bluffs Elementary in La Crosse.

Improvements from a $25,000 grant were unveiled Monday at a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Safe Kids Coalition teamed up with FedEx, the city of La Crosse, and the school district.

The task force worked to find a way to have kids avoid a congested area filled with parents waiting to pick up their kids, and buses waiting to take others home. "It's much less congested, we now have buses separate from vehicles and pedestrians separate from both, which is ideally what we want. We don't want pedestrians walking in the same space that vehicles travel because that could be a risky area," said Safe Kids Coalition Coordinator Kim Lombard.

The coalition says these improvements are just in time for International Walk to School Day which is on Wednesday.


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