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Governor Walker calls for additional 2-year tuition freeze

Projections show UW System to continue more than $1B surplus

Walker calls for additional 2-year tuition freeze

MADISON, Wis. (WKBT) - Governor Scott Walker is calling for an additional two-year tuition freeze for the University of Wisconsin System in the next budget.

Recent projections show the UW System will continue to carry a surplus of more than $1 billion.

"After years of tuition hikes, it is important to give our students and their families a break," Governor Walker said in a statement. "Our proposed second two-year tuition freeze will go a long way to helping working families and students have access to higher education. This freeze continues our commitment from the last budget to make college more affordable for working families and students across our state."

Govenor Walker's most recent 2013-15 budget froze tuition for two years, the first two-year tuition freeze in UW System history.

UW-La CrosseChancellor Joe Gow said he's worried about losing part of the surplus they've earmarked for other projects.

"We have, for example, $24 million that we have been saving over the years to renovate our Wittich building, which is a 100 year building," Chancellor Gow said. "If we have this tutition freeze we probably won't be able to use these monies on Wittich, we'll have to use them just to do our standard operations."

Tuition is projected to be just shy of $9,000 at UW-L next school year.

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