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Gov. Walker talks law enforcement funding during La Crosse stop

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Wisconsin's governor continues to roll out previews for his upcoming budget proposal.

During at a brief stop in La Crosse Tuesday, Governor Scott Walker, along with Attorney General J-B Van Hollen, announced plans to boost public safety programs by 14 million dollars.

That includes three million dollars for GPS monitoring for first time restraining orders, one million dollars to the internet crimes against children task force, and four million dollars for crisis response to sexual assault.

The rest of the money will help local law enforcement collect DNA samples at arrests, an idea that some have called an invasion of privacy, but not according to Van Hollen. "It's a simple swab of the cheek, it's very uninvasive, less invasive than finger prints, and the DNA is protected in such ways that we don't even know who's DNA sample it is until such time that it is matched," said Van Hollen.

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