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Gov. Walker responds to income tax cut proposal in state budget

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Governor Scott Walker makes a stop in La Crosse Wednesday, just hours after the Joint Finance Committee approved the state budget.   

The governor was at UW-La Crosse talking about the decision to put a two-year tuition freeze on all colleges in the U-W-System and cut some proposed funding.

He also commented on the Budget Committee's decision to almost double his proposed income tax cut from 350-million dollars to 650-million dollars.

Walker says it's a much-needed break for Wisconsinites. "This will be a big boost for small businesses in the state as well as individual tax payers in the state and the majority as far as the reduction in tax rates goes to people in the 15 to 50 thousand dollar tax break. I think that's appropriate because historically that's where the rankings are the hardest in the middle."


However, Democratic State Senator Jennifer Shilling says it looks good on the surface, but won't help the middle class. "It isn't a true middle class tax cut. 55% of the tax cut will go to those making $100,000 or more  a year and I think at a time when we had some additional resources available that we should have been looking to put that back into our schools and invest in our public education system."

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