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Gold Wing Road Riders promote motorcycle awareness

ONALASKA, Wis. - If the warm weather decides to finally stick around, you can expect to start seeing more motorcycles on the road.

A local chapter of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association is hoping people will keep that in mind as they get behind the wheel.

The group set up their bikes in Valley View Mall in Onalaska on Saturday to promote May as Motorcycle Awareness month.

Organizers said spending an afternoon at the mall is worth it if they can promote safety on the roads.

"Our bikes are large bikes but they're smaller than a car and you can get hidden very well behind cars. The general motoring public should just take that extra look to make sure we're not there before they zip into lanes and push us out of the way into guard rails," said GWRRA chapter director Will Lang.

Lang said they put on the event every year to support the national motorcycle awareness efforts.

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