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"Get Money Boys" get busted

La Crosse-area gang tied to string of armed home robberies

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Residents in downtown La Crosse say their neighborhoods are under attack.

"I can count on two hands how many people that have gotten robbed that I personally know," said a recent victim.

News 8 spoke with two recent victims of an armed home robbery. We've agreed to hide their identities for their own safety.

They say five black males entered their apartment recently, wearing ski masks and carrying handguns.

"They were constantly asking: 'Where's the money? Where's the money?' They stomped on one of my roommates' faces because he wouldn't respond to them," said the other victim.

Police documents reveal investigators believe this and other similar incidents are all tied to a gang known as the "Get Money Boys" or G.M.B.


Three suspects were arrested on Friday at the Logan High School football game. The only adult of the three is 19-year-old Juan Winslow.

Winslow and a 17-year-old male appeared in court Monday. They're facing several possibly felony charges and are currently being held in jail on $25,000 cash bonds.

These two recent victims say the community should be very concerned.

"I know how big G.M.B. is. They have family members from different cities and states that are supposedly going to come here and handle the situation so it's bigger than just La Crosse."

Police documents say the homes that have been targeted were those of known drug dealers. While these victims admit to having some marijuana in their apartment, they say they are not dealing drugs.

They believe there are many other gang members involved in the robberies who have not yet been arrested.

"It makes me want to leave. It makes me not want to be in the city anymore. It's sickening. It makes me want to puke to know that it's all going on in the place I was born and raised and that I had known to be safe my entire life."

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