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Former La Crosse priest being considered for sainthood

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A former priest in the La Crosse diocese is being considered for sainthood.

Bishop William Callahan started the long process for the late Father Joseph Walijewski, better known as Father Joe.

He started his work in 1950 at several parishes within the diocese, and started a number of mission churches in South America.


Father Joe passed away in 2006, but his work and spirit live on. "Just a real down to earth man, you see this, this image is pretty much who father Joe is, he's not a man who stood on a lot of ceremony, but certainly brought a lot of peace to people's lives," said Bishop Callahan.

Documentation for Father's Joe's sainthood is on the way to Rome.

Before any title is bestowed, his work will be judged by lawyers, historians and theologians. After that, miracles need to happen for the people who pray to Father Joe for help.

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