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Flood waters create challenges for boat house owners

High water affecting house boats, forcing owners to make changes

Flood waters affect boat houses

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The Mississippi River in La Crosse is currently at a little more than 12 feet, and the high water levels have the city in the middle of a Flood Warning.

La Crosse County Emergency Management says the rise is due to a high amount of rainfall, as well as upstream draining.

The flooding is affecting city boat houses and causing owners to make a few changes.

"High water [is] definitely challenging," said Ty Hoffman, who owns a house boat. "[It] screwed up our walkway. It was completely under water, so I put a little bit of money into it. Hopefully everything will be fine."

Water levels in La Crosse are expected to drop early in the work week.

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