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Flash powder causes scare in Sparta

SPARTA, Wis. - Some potentially explosive material causes a scare in Sparta.

Monday morning, a man alerted authorities to 25 pounds of flash powder in a bucket he found in a storage unit he bought ten years ago.

Monday was the first time he noticed it was there and moved it to his garage near the intersection of Main and Myrtle Street. The powder was used as a flash for old fashioned cameras.

Authorities called in the bomb squad from Marathon County because any mishandling could have resulted in a large explosion. "It would be equivalent to 30 sticks of dynamite or 30 pounds of dynamite I should say; 30 pounds of TNT," said Monroe Co. Emergency Management Coordinator Cynthia Struve.

There is no longer any danger to the public. Since there was no criminal activity, no charges will be filed.


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