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Five honored at UW-L for their live-saving efforts

Two people collapsed on campus in separate incidents

Resuscitation Heroes

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Five people were honored at UW-La Crosse Wednesday for a selfless act that saved two people's lives.

In September, a faculty member collapsed outside his office and a co-worker gave CPR.

Then in January, two students performed CPR on a former student who had a medical issue outside his dorm room.

In both cases, UW-L police officers arrived a short time later with an automatic external defibrillator or A.E.D.

On Wednesday, the group involved was honored with an Extraordinary Personal Action Award from the University.

With very little CPR training, one of the faculty members who helped says it was her instincts that took over.

"I haven't been trained for CPR, I mean, when I was very young I did some, I had a little bit of training for a babysitting class, but I'm not officially trained for CPR. So that's definitely something on my list of things to do," said UW-L Associate Lecturer Michelle Pinzl.

"You never really do know when it can happen. You know, it was good to show up at an event like this and to see someone already doing CPR instead of showing up and having 20 people standing around not knowing what to do," said UW-L Police Officer David Pehl.

There are a number of ways to become CPR certified. Both local hospitals offer classes as well as the local Red Cross.

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