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Fisherman rescued from icy Mississippi River

LA CROSSE, Wis. -  A fisherman is rescued after a fall through the ice in La Crosse.

He was fishing Thursday afternoon on the docks near Pettibone Resort, stood up, lost his balance and fell through the ice. Another fisherman heard him yelling and spotted his hand waving.

Rescue crews say when they got to him, he had been in the water for 30 minutes and he wasn't going to hang on much longer. "If they want to go ice fishing, sit on the shore and cast a lure, we don't want to see people on the ice, we've had two calls in two days now, we strongly suggest people think twice about life safety," said La Crosse's Dive Unit leader Shawn Mahoney.

The man has not been identified and was taken to the hospital. His condition has not been released.


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