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Fish die-off on Mississippi River not unusual

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Another sign that spring is coming, the ice is melting on the Mississippi and other bodies of water. But with the cold winter we had, some marine wildlife didn't survive.

Now that the ice is disappearing, the dead fish are starting to surface.

Wildlife experts say the most common one you'll see floating on the surface is a gizzard shad. And in the end, it's nothing out of the ordinary just a part of the circle of life. "It's just part of the natural system. The Eagles eat them, it's good protein and fat, they're building up resources the last few months so they can go nest and have young and it's all part of the whole game," said Wisconsin DNR Fisheries Manager Ron Benjamin.

Benjamin expects some of the biggest pockets to show up at the bays along the Black River, especially near the interstate.


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