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First look at design plans for new northside elementary school

LA CROSSE, Wis. - We're getting our first look at the latest design of La Crosse's new northside school.

Within the last two weeks, school officials have created what they call plan C in terms of the layout for the nearly 16-million dollar building voters approved in November.

The previous two designs had problems with traffic flow in the building and being too close to the street.

Now they have found something to address those concerns.

The two story layout includes centralized common spaces surrounded by classrooms on the outside.


But school officials are still tweaking the plans. "We're still taking a look at the space inside of option C to determine still what is the best movement of students and should this classroom be over here, and should we move this door here, etc., we're really in that refinement stage," said Superintendent Randy Nelson.

The superintendent is hoping the plans can move forward at the April 15th school board meeting.

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