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Fire department hopes for accreditation

Department will be 1 of 4 others in Wisconsin accredited

Fire department hopes for accreditation

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The La Crosse fire department is hoping for a stamp of approval from some of the industry's top officials.

An accreditation team is in La Crosse doing week long peer assessments with the department. The fire department has put 4 years and nearly $10,000 into the accreditation process. The department documents everything it does from training exercises to emergency calls to new equipment. The assessment team now has to sort through more 250 documents to see if the department is eligible for accreditation.

The department hopes the accreditation will give them more credibility with the public.

"There are literally thousands of very good fire departments that are not accredited, but we've gone through that extra step to make sure we are meeting the industry's standards, the best practices and we get that confirmation back that we are," said Fire Chief Greg Cleveland.

The department should know if it qualifies for accreditation within a couple of months.

There are only 192 fire departments world-wide that are accredited and only 4 of them are in Wisconsin.

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