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Festival Foods offers store tours to shop smart on a budget

LA CROSSE, Wis. -  Shopping smart while on a budget. It's a goal for many of us. 25 lucky people get the opportunity to learn some tips to buy healthy foods and not spend a lot of money.

A registered dietitian at Festival Foods received a grant to provide tours of one of their grocery stores.

During that tour, the shoppers learn tips on buying fruits and vegetables on a limited budget, identifying whole grains, comparing unit prices and reading food labels.


The dietician has already given two tours and she says they've been successful. "So far, people have been really surprised that you can find nutritious products on a budget that are cheap and that are easy, especially with our eat-well salads and our eat-well products. Showing that you can buy convenience items that are good for you," said Festival Registered Dietitian Jenny Dahl.

Festival's goal for this grant is to help give back to the community.

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