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FEMA tours flood damage in Crawford, Vernon Co.'s

CRAWFORD CO., Wis. - FEMA is in Wisconsin this week touring storm damage from last month's severe weather.

A team of investigators toured Crawford Co. Tuesday, which declared a state of emergency after the storms.

The damage includes washouts, flooding, and mudslides.

At least nine homes had to be evacuated because of the storms and several roads were closed because of mudslides.

Some of that damage has already been cleaned up, but FEMA representatives say that doesn't necessarily stop the county from getting federal aid. "We're not just looking at the damages, we're looking at the efforts and what has been done to collect debris and we're also looking at the impact of the damage on the local communities and it's abilities to get back on it's feet," said FEMA External Affairs Officer Millie Rosa.

Three teams are touring nine counties across the state including Crawford and Vernon. They were sent to Wisconsin at the request of Governor Scott Walker.


The assessment is a joint effort between federal, state, and local authorities.

FEMA is trying to collect as much information as they can that might support the governor's request for relief. "We're just trying to do our job as quickly as we can so we can get them back and go through the process of FEMA review, then they'll submit a report to the state, state submits it on to the Governor and the Governor submits it on to the President," said FEMA Public Assistance Crew Leader Peter Stolley.

The final decision on relief will be made in Washington D.C., but there is no word on when that decision may come.

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