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Farmer's market now accepts debit, EBT cards

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A downtown farmer's market is adding new ways for you to buy your goods.

The Cameron Street Market is the first in La Crosse Co. to accept debit and Electronic Benefit Transfer cards, also known as food stamps.

It's a simple process. Just find the market booth, choose how much you'd like to spend, and swipe your card. You'll be given that amount in tokens and then you can explore what the market has to offer. "It's just a way to allow everybody, regardless of their income to have access to our local nutritious foods in our area," said County Health Department Dietician Tiffany Lein.


Food stamp tokens come in one dollar increments and can only be used for non-hot foods.

Debit cards come in five dollar tokens and can be used on anything. You can also get change from the vendor.

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