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Farmers expect record corn crop while prices remain low

Steve Huntzicker: Rise in crop count thanks to good summer growing conditions

Crops on the Rise

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Minnesota farmers are expecting a record corn crop but that doesn't necessarily mean record profits.

The price for a bushel of corn has dropped by nearly half in just a few years falling from more than $7 to $3.71 last week while the price to produce corn has remained high, meaning some farmers may not even make a profit on the crop this year.

Meanwhile Wisconsin is also seeing a rise in corn and soybean crops while prices remain low. The rise in crops is partially thanks to the summer weather in our area.

"We've had some good growing conditions even though temperatures have been a little cooler than we may normally see. Crops are faring well in La Crosse. The area, we've had adequate moistures, timely moisture," said Steve Huntzicker of the UW-Extensions office.

High costs of farmland and soil as well as the low prices of crops are the reason for farmers not making as much profit as prior years.

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